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On Memorial Day, May 27th, UXA x Vans hosted the 2nd Annual Old Man Mondays BBQ skate sesh. This montage features some familiar faces from 90’s skateboarding era. It is also a gathering of friends and family who support skateboarding and our UXA project. Along with the help of filmer and photographer Michael Cirelli, we were able to document this special day at the House of Vans, Brooklyn. Portraits and interview were taken to help archive our New York skateboarding culture. A big shout to Vans, NY Skateboarding’s Rick Sulz, Ryan DeWitt, Chopper Dave and Frank Mare of HOV and Ace Skateboard Truck MFG. for their support with this memorable day. Shout out Rick Ibaseta, founder of Nimble footwear, Ryan Hickey, Jovontae Turner, Derek Rinaldi and Alyasha Moore for making it out here this year. New York Skateboarding, All Hail. UXA. God Bless and see you next year.