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UXA is proud to present #TheChase, a film & guest board collaboration featuring east coast street pro skateboarder, Eli Reed. UXA acknowledges Eli as a fixture in New York skateboarding. Eli embodies UXA values through his drive and determination to his craft. This UXA spirit is why we have chosen to do a collaboration with Eli. We are honored and hyped to induct Eli Reed into the UXA Guest Board Series. The Chase takes you on a skate mission through the New York City streets starring Eli Reed.

The city is a playground for Eli as he maneuvers from spot to spot, dominating its terrain. A few close calls along the way, but in the end, the love for street skateboarding prevails in #TheChase.

UXA will release the Skate-Man Eli Reed signature pro guest board & tee to compliment the release of the film. The Skate-Man Eli Reed Tee and Deck will be available at and select shops.

Big thanks to Carlos Olivo, Johnny Diaz, Zered Bassett, Kenny Anderson, Brian Brown, Danny Supa and Michael Powley for their talent and support. Special thanks to Jason Jenkins for the edit.