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Happy New Year UXA followers. We’re popping of the new year with this amazing TSW interview of our dear friend John Cardiel. We come from a time in skateboarding’s evolution where East meets West, when ten-ton; vert-shaped boards streamlined for street, Blind, Rick Ibaseta, Jovontae Turner, Mike Carroll, Joey T, Mark Gonzales, Christian Hosoi, Jason Lee, Ron Chatman, Shrewgy, Tommy Guerrero, J. Thiebaud, Natas, G. Mariano, FTC, Tobin, Real, C. Ortiz, Stranger and D. Sargent, to name a few. But, not until we headed West, these names were just just an inner city skaters’ illusion of the California skate masters. We all watched any skate material we can get our hands on and amp’d with this fire, we went out and searched New York City for comparable spots to learn these featured tricks. Well, lets just say much time has past and we are very lucky to be able to look back at friends like John Cardiel, whom influenced us with such amazing speed paired with natural forms and techniques that just blew minds. With skills like such, it pushed us to refine our craft. Please enjoy this dope interview of John Cardiel by Transworld Skateboarding. Thank you for the inspiration to refine our New York street skateboarding craft, All-Hail. -UXA