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On Memorial day 2012, the House of Vans hosted UXA’s Old Man Mondays. A 30’s and over session and BBQ went down with friends from the early 90’s, friends we met skating the Brooklyn Banks, Astor Place, Union Square, Midtown, Mullalys, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island to name a few. Special thanks to Vans, Chopper, Frank, Rick Ibaseta, Josh Kalis, DGK, Joey Alvarez, Derek Rinaldi, Barker Barrett, Justin Giraud, John Reeves, Rick Sulz and Michael Cirelli. Big shout to Transworld Skateboarding, Vans, Hella Clips Skate Daily and NYSkateboarding for their support.

UXA X Old Man Monday X House of Vans: Film by Michael Cirelli from Michael Cirelli on Vimeo.