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“Horror and Moral Terror are your friends, and if they are not, then they are Enemies to be Feared”… Here is an interesting piece from Mark Gonzales entitled M brandow douse a slappy 5.0. As you may or may not have been opened to Mark’s channel, it is a collective of experimental short edits created on lo-def camera. What is most interesting is the body of work he has produced. On a random meeting with UXA founder Peter Huynh in New York City, Mark drops a How-To Slappy 5.0 which is laced with an excerpt from Marlon Brandos’ Apocalypse Now. The thought process and idea may fly over some of yous, but if allowing the time and space to embrace the big picture, you’d make the connection. Check out the rest of his pieces here and don’t forget to congratulate him on his 15 years of Adidas Skateboarding collaboration. UXA #AllHail.